Satisfied Customer? Dissatisfied Customer?

7/16/2014Larry Skowronek, SVP Product Management and Product Marketing

Unmasking Customer Attitudes with Sentiment Detection “Customer sentiment” – a customer’s attitude toward a company, its products and services – has long been a highly valued indicator of business health. It’s not difficult to understand why: satisfied customers buy moreRead more ›

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Tools for the Successful Collections Funambulist

7/1/2014Mike Hutchison, VP, Professional Services, Nexidia

Just for a moment, imagine yourself as a funambulist – AKA a tightrope walker.  You’re 30 feet in the air, and your goal is a tiny platform some 25 feet away.  It’s just you and your trusty balance pole.  IfRead more ›

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Key Hole View or Key Performance Measurement?

6/4/2014Larry Skowronek, SVP Product Management and Product Marketing

Metrics Based Performance Management Drives Call Center Success Are your contact center operations a success?  Are your agents delivering the outcomes that make the center a strategic resource for the organization?  How do you quantify such success – let aloneRead more ›

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The Consumer Guide: Choosing the Right Interaction Analytics Vendor for Your Big Data Needs

5/21/2014Ryan Pellet, Chief Strategy Officer, Nexidia

Lately I’ve been contemplating the purchase of a new laptop for my family.  Of course, I have one for work, but my family needs one that the kids can take over to play games, use for homework, and generally justRead more ›

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Solving Your Most Common Business Challenges: The Top 5 Truths

4/30/2014Mike Hutchison, VP, Professional Services, Nexidia

Over the past weeks we’ve explored the top five myths behind today’s most commonly faced business challenges: Customer Satisfaction, Compliance, Sales Effectiveness, Churn, and Cost Management. I encourage you to take a look back at the previous posts for aRead more ›

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