Predictive Data Madness

3/17/2015Thomas Moore, Marketing Communications

How Big Data and predictive analytics are changing the way we watch March Madness and do business Data and sports is nothing new. Fantasy football, one of the most popular and data heavy activities, has been around since the lateRead more ›

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Watching Our Language

3/11/2015Thomas Moore, Marketing Communications

How Big Data can help us learn about the words we use and the world we live in Did you know that the majority of folks in Midland America use “uh” over “um”?  That “gin and juice” has been inRead more ›

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Reading the Readers: Publishing and Big Data

3/4/2015Thomas Moore, Marketing Communications

How (and what) publishers are learning from the way we read Book publishers, like any customer facing business, market their product to sell. In regards to results, it would seem that the sale would be the only indicator of howRead more ›

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The Right Stuff: Two Investments Your Bank Should Definitely Make

2/26/2015Doug Stein, Sr. Director Financial Services

We live in a world of instant gratification: movies stream at our whim, web pages load in an instant on our phones, and we can deposit a check directly to our account simply by taking a picture. We are expectingRead more ›

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The Education Behind Our Guesses

2/20/2015Thomas Moore, Marketing Communications

A recap of our picks: Best Picture: Boyhood Best Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne Best Actress: Julianne Moore Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette While we’re predicting the winners of the top sixRead more ›

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