Customers Demand the Return of the Eggnog Latte

12/3/2014Dana Jones, Digital Marketing Manager

The Eggnog Latte has been a staple on the Starbucks holiday menu since 1986. This year, the team decided to eliminate the holiday tradition in hopes to promote a new drink, the Chestnut Praline Latte. Their customers weren’t amused andRead more ›

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The Road Ahead

11/19/2014Gretchen Gray, Director of Healthcare Sales, Nexidia

How Interaction Analytics Helps Health Plans Serve Customers, Contain Costs With open enrollment on the federal and state insurance exchanges just beginning, the nation’s eyes are on the consumer-facing portions of the health care insurance infrastructure – the websites. WhileRead more ›

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Don’t Get Spooked by Government Requirements

10/29/2014Pat Coggins, Senior Director of Sales, Nexidia

Use These 3 Steps to Effectively Support Your Compliance Program Friday is Halloween, the time of year for jack o’lanterns, haunted houses and horror films. Kids are looking forward to free candy, and adults are planning ways to scare oneRead more ›

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Happy National Customer Service Week from Nexidia

10/8/2014Jon Harmer, Vice President of Marketing

It’s Customer Service Week!  At Nexidia, we’re “celebrating customer connections” in honor of those contact center professionals who are on the front lines, shaping the customer experience every day. Honoring Those Who Honor the Customer Experience Think about it. IfRead more ›

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Unlocking the Value of Data by Combining Speech and Predictive Analytics – A Case Study

10/7/2014Jon Harmer, Vice President of Marketing

In a recent webinar, Nexidia’s Ryan Pellet and Brett Forman, along with Richard Crowe, director of customer insights for Comcast Corporation, discussed how customer interactions from the contact center – combined with the structured data most companies are already collectingRead more ›

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