Happy National Customer Service Week from Nexidia

10/8/2014Jon Harmer, Vice President of Marketing

It’s Customer Service Week!  At Nexidia, we’re “celebrating customer connections” in honor of those contact center professionals who are on the front lines, shaping the customer experience every day. Honoring Those Who Honor the Customer Experience Think about it. IfRead more ›

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Unlocking the Value of Data by Combining Speech and Predictive Analytics – A Case Study

10/7/2014Jon Harmer, Vice President of Marketing

In a recent webinar, Nexidia’s Ryan Pellet and Brett Forman, along with Richard Crowe, director of customer insights for Comcast Corporation, discussed how customer interactions from the contact center – combined with the structured data most companies are already collectingRead more ›

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State of the Art Solutions – Five Ways Interaction Analytics Can Impact Your Bottom Line

9/23/2014Jon Ezrine, Chief Operating Officer, Nexidia

Apple just rocked the world of consumer electronics again, with its launch of the Apple Watch. If the wrist-wonder follows the successful trajectory of other Apple devices, it won’t be too long before it becomes an indispensable part of ourRead more ›

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State of the Art Solutions – The Next Big Thing Is Here

9/10/2014Larry Skowronek, SVP Product Management and Product Marketing

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic 1964 New York World’s Fair. A showcase for the technology of the future, the fair gave visitors a glimpse of the electronic conveniences that would revolutionize modern life.  A telephone thatRead more ›

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State of the Art Solutions – Then and Now

9/3/2014Ryan Pellet, Chief Strategy Officer, Nexidia

I decided to clean out my drawer of obsolete electronics over the weekend. It’s my equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer, only filled with has-been technology devices.  Combing through tangled cables to find my ancient Palm V, my old NokiaRead more ›

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