Larry Skowronek

With nearly two decades of experience working with contact center tools and management, Larry has a keen understanding of the best practices for managing the evolving contact center. He has put specific focus on leveraging the contact center as a value-adding business function. As SVP Product Management and Product Marketing for Nexidia, Larry is responsible for the research and development of the overall market strategy, product strategy, and development roadmap for Nexidia's interaction analytics solutions. It is a role that fits Larry perfectly. A graduate of Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., Larry has a degree in philosophy and minored in science and technology studies. Not only does he have his finger on the pulse of the latest technologies existing in the contact center arena, Larry has keen insight into what drives the behaviors of callers. During his career, Larry has led product management, quality assurance, and consulting organizations for contact center management software vendors across the industry, including TCS Management Group/Aspect Communications (workforce optimization and CTI), Informiam/Genesys (real-time reporting and monitoring), and LiveOps (hosted contact center).