Happy National Customer Service Week from Nexidia


It’s Customer Service Week!  At Nexidia, we’re “celebrating customer connections” in honor of those contact center professionals who are on the front lines, shaping the customer experience every day.

Honoring Those Who Honor the Customer Experience
Think about it. If yours is like many organizations today, the face of your company is not a face at all. It’s the voice on the other end of the phone helping customers solve a technical issue, or the invisible agent-typist chatting with the customer to understand the charges on their bill. Maybe it’s the person behind the scenes monitoring and responding to customer comments on your Facebook page.

Each of these connections represents a moment of truth for your company, and they can help create loyal customers for life, or create vocal detractors for you. In those encounters, the true customer experience is communicated. How that story is honored and acted upon can make or break an organization’s success. Nexidia is proud to join in celebrating the team members behind those customer connections, and to support them with technology that can make them more effective in their daily mission.

The Expanding Role of the Customer Service Team
According to John Kressaty, past president of the International Customer Service Association which established Customer Service Week, one goal for the event is “getting the message across a wide range of business, government and industry that customer service is very important, along with bottom line profit in running a business.”

In today’s competitive marketplace, the value of customer service in no longer just important  along with bottom line profits, but is often the key to maintaining and growing bottom line business profit.

In fact, modern  customer service teams, armed with strategic technology resources to leverage the business intelligence that passes through their departments every day, are more capable than ever before of supporting every facet of business described in that same presidential proclamation:

“A business built on customer service understands and anticipates the customer’s needs. It designs goods and services to meet those needs and builds products that perform to customer expectations. It then packages them carefully, labels them correctly, sells them at a fair price, delivers them as scheduled, and follows up, as necessary, to satisfy the customer. This kind of commitment to service leads to customer loyalty and to genuine improvements at the bottom line.”

Nexidia is proud to recognize and support the growing role of the customer service department and help them fulfill their important mission.

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