Customers Demand the Return of the Eggnog Latte

Starbucks Red Cup

The Eggnog Latte has been a staple on the Starbucks holiday menu since 1986. This year, the team decided to eliminate the holiday tradition in hopes to promote a new drink, the Chestnut Praline Latte. Their customers weren’t amused and they openly voiced their frustrations in a variety of ways. Requests for the return of the Eggnog Latte poured in via calls to the contact center, an online petition, submissions to the customer idea generation website mystarbucksidea, and social media posts across Facebook and Twitter. The complaints started around the first of November and shortly after, a Starbucks spokeswoman issued an apology and promised a return of the Eggnog Latte to all stores by November 17th. Spokeswoman for Starbucks, Linda Mills said, “We received passionate feedback from our customers talking about how much they love our eggnog latte.” This quick action is important to a company like Starbucks since the holiday season is by far its most profitable period.

While it’s important to capture all of the conversations happening about your brand across multiple channels, it’s more important to be able to convert the findings into actionable insight. Observing is easy, but making changes is not. With millions of fans protesting the change, it was difficult to ignore the negative outcry. Starbucks was able to take action! By monitoring customer interactions, and turning the interactions into actionable information, Starbucks realized that the Eggnog Latte is an essential part of its holiday drink menu that many look forward to. With millions of brand advocates, it was easy for Starbucks to find the negative sentiment surrounding the menu change. It’s not as easy for every company. Without the right tools, it’s difficult to make sense of the conversations happening about your company in order to take action.

By listening to their customers and taking action on their feedback, Starbucks successfully averted the eggnog latte scandal of 2014!

Outside of just listening to what’s happening in the conversations around your brand, what’s your plan to take action this holiday season?

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