The Right Stuff: Two Investments Your Bank Should Definitely Make

Contact Center

We live in a world of instant gratification: movies stream at our whim, web pages load in an instant on our phones, and we can deposit a check directly to our account simply by taking a picture. We are expecting more things faster and at a higher quality. Customer facing industries are finding themselves having to keep in line with the trends and are looking for better ways of providing customers with a stellar experience that benefits both sides.

Future Banking is looking at how the financial services industry is working towards creating the ultimate contact center that works to not only benefit the company but provides amazing customer service at the same time. The key to achieving the optimized strategy lies in bringing together the right people, processes, and technology.

The Right People

 Taking away all the buzzwords and industry jargon, the most important part of a customer interaction is just that; the interaction of two people having a discussion. Putting the right people with the right skill set in place is a vital part of creating an effective and productive contact center. When considering what makes a great agent, looking past what’s on the resume is important; real-world experience is a far better indicator of how successful a person is at working with others than anything else.  Search out the people that are comfortable talking on the phone or answering a variety of emails. Find the folks that understand the importance of social media and are able to use it to your company’s advantage. Perhaps most importantly, hire the people that are personable and able to respond to each and every call, email, or tweet in a personalized manner. When a customer calls into your contact center, she doesn’t realistically believe that she is your only customer, but it goes a long way to treat her as such just the same.

Assembling a stellar team is only the first of two important parts. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much talent you have if you aren’t outfitting them correctly. Which leads us to…

The Right Technology

Now that the best people are in place doing their thing, it’s time to outfit them with the right technology. The key here is to find the right technology; not the newest or flashiest technology, but the programs and software that best fits your company’s and customers’ needs. That perfect match can include anything from high powered analytics engines that provide insight into your customers’ journeys all the way to an interface that allows you to better manage social media interactions.

As customers move more and more to mobile interactions, creating a seamless and effortless process is going to be vital for the contact centers. The centers that are succeeding now and will continue to succeed are those that are creating the ability within their processes to handle transactions across the various types of mediums that their customers are using. The omni-channel system, as it’s called, allows companies to identify their customer at any point along that customer’s journey no matter the method of contact she uses. The end goal of any technology should be two-fold: it should provide you with a way to consistently meet your customers across multiple channels (phone, email, social, etc) and provide your agents and customers a far more effortless transaction.  And don’t be afraid to constantly reevaluate your process as those that are unwilling to change are the first to be left behind.

The whole point of getting the right technology into the hands of the right people is to ensure wholesale success; for your company and your customers. As you work towards attaining that Ultimate Contact Center Status you’ll find right-right strategy fast becomes a win-win.

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