Why Interaction Analytics is a C-Suite Topic


Is the topic of Interaction Analytics of genuine interest to executives? Think of your own top team for a second. Although they may have mastered the headlines around Big Data given its perceived strategic relevance, few will probably know that the use of Interaction Analytics within their own contact centres is already a case of Big Data mining in action.

While this may be a case of ‘point proved’ to those in the know, there is still some ground to be covered in getting that message well socialised within your senior team. So the purpose of this post is to offer you a way of framing Interaction Analytics as a relevant strategic investment.

How that resonates depends on the individual and their own interests. So I’ve put the argument in a number of different ways. It’s up to you to match the argument to the person and add your own finishing touches.

But in all cases the intent is the same. Show them how they can gain immediate visibility into company performance against their own corporate objectives. In other words, talk their agenda.

Interaction Analytics For CEO/COO

The person at the top of an organisational tree sits at the centre of the most important decisions made within her company. They may stay close to the detail or prefer to orchestrate indirectly if that’s their style. But whichever way, they are likely removed from regular, direct customer contact.

In effect, they are blind to the experiences and needs of a prime stakeholder. How then can they exhibit the kind of decisive leadership needed to survive today’s multiple challenges?

This line of reasoning is the strategic level justification for Interaction Analytics.

But how might this work in practice?

The ability to drill down from executive level KPIs directly into the individual customer interactions that comprise that KPI, is the true power behind Interaction Analytics. It’s this ability to link reality to numbers that lets CXOs see their organisations from the outside in and tie their company performance to their corporate objectives.

Interaction Analytics For CCO/Customer Experience Director/SVP

In recent years, a new set of roles have turned up. Chief Customer Officers (CCO) and those in charge of Customer Experience are on the front line of leadership, driving a more customer-centric future for their organisations.

I’ve met a few. Many are deeply enthusiastic about their mission. Some are understandably nervous in their appreciation of the sheer size of the task before them. Most are confused as to how to reduce their mission to practice.

I guess this is why Voice of The Customer (VoC) initiatives became so popular with this group. Finding out what matters to customers is a logical first step in prioritising a game-plan.

VoCs should identify customer needs. Generally they do, but their methods may not keep pace with what’s needed to enact change. Voice Of The Customer experts such as Bruce Temkin warn that slower forms of gathering customer insight must now give way to greater use of methods such as Interaction Analytics.


Customer behaviour now changes so quickly that traditional tools such as surveys and focus groups lack the near real time value of Interaction Analytics.

So the pitch for those who lead the senior team on the customer-centric agenda is that the way to prioiritise, generate business cases and then track improvements is via the power of multi-channel analytics. It’s a core competency they will need to get the job done.

Take Away Insight

Those that lead organisations must have direct access to customer insight. The pace of change demands it.


With the wealth of customer intelligence that can be extracted through customer analytics, executives are more informed than ever before of their company products and services. All customer services should aspire to strategic status, according to Jon Ezrine, who outlines his “Big Five Steps to Success” on how customer insight can benefit any business.

Watch Nexidia’s Chief Operating Officer Jon Ezrine’s speech from the 2012 Call Centre & Customer Management Expo here.

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